07 July 2010

Fall 2010 Couture: Chanel

Obviously meant as a tribute to Carine Roitfeld and her windswept chic, this collection is a redux of all things 1980s, a favourite reference period of Ms Roitfeld's. The bolero tops are cropped high and sprout substantial Ivan Trump sleeves. The pencil skirts have elongated Rifat Ozbek waists, and the entire thing is smothered in baroque gold ornamentation that suggests the word 'encrusted'. It's been a while since I saw this much gold piping. Lacroix, anybody? The day suits look suitably powerful and the coats with the sable bands look smotheringly heavy. Just skimming the knees is not an easy length to carry off, especially with mid-calf boots however elaborately embroidered. But if this isn't one of those immediately attractive eager-to-please collections from Karl Lagerfeld, it yet showcases the many wizard ways of couture and at more than 60 looks, there's a charming little black dress in there for someone like you.

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