27 July 2010

New: The Photoshop Super Hair Growth Gel

You read it here first: Photoshop, the makers of Photoshop Day Cream and Photoshop Anti Age Serum (which has proven super efficacious in turning the 60 year old Madonna into a 30-something Faye Dunaway - chicken cutlets not included) has come up with the Photoshop Super Hair Growth Gel. Just pump this cool, tingling gel and sweep along naked pecs and abs (not fogetting the jaw, legs and arms) and a thick carpet of fuzz will begin to cover your body INSTANTLY!
Any volunteers to slather this miracle gel over the obsessively smooth Cristiano Ronaldo?


  1. hmmnn, with these mostly naturally hairy gweilos, you would think something like 'Photoshop Super Hair Removal Gel' would have been more appropriate, no?

  2. Dear anon: I hardly know what is appropriate anymore - the www is such a pandora's box of perversity! whatever floats their boats i suppose?