28 July 2010

You Meet Someone

You meet someone.
The other.
You meet the other.
You are polite. The other is polite.
You eat each other a little.
After his departure you are slightly damaged.
And what do you do then?
Do you repair the damage and do you become again what you were?
Or do you go on as you are?
Damaged, but lighter.

From A Glimpse of Nothingness by Janwillem van de Wetering [1931-2008]


  1. i think damaged but lighter; maybe not so much damaged. More like same same but different.

  2. 'You eat each other a little.'

    hmm, this can be interpreted in so many different ways, some more literal than other. provocative.

  3. Beauty: Wow, poetic!
    Anon: I think it should be interpreted in the different ways... i like the bare bones-purity of it. actually, i lifted this poem of my friend max's blog... he's such a romantic!