05 August 2010

BP Oil Disaster As Fashion Statement

So this is where all the crude went?
Now I've really seen it all (and it's usually in Vogue Italia)! I must say I don't really see Kristen McMenamy as Mother Nature, but she makes a pretty convincing dead seal (spread 4). Bet the old girl had fun playing dead.


  1. this is waaay cool, macabre & gothic; and i'm hardly ever a Meisel fan.

    but i'll bet you that the PC-earth shoe-wearing brigade must already be foaming at the mouths & screaming abt how dare anyone trivialise such a serious issue.

  2. Anon: I initially liked it hence i posted it but upon thinking about it more... i can't see the clothes! i don't see what they are saying about the clothes, and it must be about clothes since it is a fashion mag.
    why don't you like meisel i wonder?
    yes, once those PC armies pick up the scent, they will certainly kick up a fury. they must be one humourless, literal nation.