06 August 2010

Wired World

Bleak picture for the traditional glossy (click on picture to enlarge):
"...With only a few exceptions, fashion titles saw yet further declines on newsstand in the first six months of the year. Teen Vogue fell 30 percent, W declined 22 percent, Allure was down 19 percent, Lucky declined almost 17 percent and Vogue posted an almost 15 percent slide.
"...Meanwhile, over at Hearst, it was a good first half for Harper’s Bazaar, which pointed to its strong cover subject lineup for the first half as leading to a 10 percent rise, to 160,100, at the newsstand. The March issue with Kate Moss was the leader.
"...Over at Wired, the June issue launched on Apple’s much-ballyhooed device and raked in 103,000 in single-copy sales — and that’s not counting the traditional newsstand. Wired’s newsstand during the half jumped 15 percent to 93,908. It was the biggest circulation gain for any Condé title during the period (and, incidentally, Wired was the top ad gainer for the first half, up more than 20 percent). “The iPad expands the idea of the newsstand,” said editor in chief Chris Anderson. “It used to be something you passed on the street, but now magazines can meet you where you live, even if you’re not a subscriber.” - WWD


  1. jus needed to get this off my chest...I dun get SG HB...n I definitely dun get Giselle Go...with everything at her disposal, why does she only hv 1 pic???

  2. Anon: I'm sorry I've never looked at this publication ever. I don't understand it at all. So I don't really understand your rant - what 1 pic are you talking about? Please tell! Bet it's something stunningly slapstick.

  3. omg! u really hv to go see her editorial pic...same one every issue (not that I buy, but I get complimentary copies)...a sneer passing off as a smile(?) I'm thinking is that her best look?
    And she's so terribly fond of dropping big names. "So & so once said to me..." every month...unfailingly.

  4. Remember how you intro moi to Allure long time ago becos you know this lc bitch will like kekekek.

  5. Anon: Ha! Why don't you just drop it into the trash when it arrives?
    Beauty: That must have been a long time ago when magazines were still good...