09 September 2010

Damson in Distress

Kate, 36, has gone plum crazy for making JAM. She's been reportedly boiling damsons picked at her country estate in the Cotswolds. Kate has asked her billionaire Top Shop friend Sir Philip Green to help get her jars on shelves.
A source said: "Kate bought a load of expensive equipment because she's always been keen on the idea of making jam. Kate is being helped in the kitchen by daughter Lila Grace, 7."
(Source: The Moment Blog)
Pictures: No, those are not pictures of Kate Moss.


  1. the different shades of blue & purple are so lovely they almost look poisonous...

  2. Dear Anon: Yes, blue isn't usually an edible colour right?

  3. that's right, blue seldom happens naturally as foods/fruit, beside blueberries. that's why there's a certain theory of using the blue colour as an appetite suppressant as our brain has evolved in such a way that it just doesn't associate 'blue' with 'food'/'edibles'.

    so yeah, put your food in a blue plate or blue bowl, or, better still, install a blue light in your fridge, if you want to dampen your appetite and lose weight.

    or so the theory goes...:)

  4. Dear Anon: Interesting. those on a diet, please consider this.