09 September 2010

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

August 23 River Phoenix
August 24 Friedrich Hegal
August 25 Blake Lively, Claudia Schiffer
August 26 Prince Albert of Monaco, Christopher Isherwood
August 27 Mother Teresa, Tom Ford
August 29 Ingrid Bergman, Michael Jackson, Nicholas Tze
August 30 Geoffrey Beene
August 31 Richard Gere
September 2 Mark Harmon, Keanu Reeves
September 5 Raquel Welch, Herzog Herzog
September 9 Hugh Grant, Leo Tolstoy
September 10 Ryan Phillipe, Karl Lagerfeld
September 11 D.H. Lawrence
September 12 Me, Linda Gray
September 13 Roald Dahl, Claudette Colbert, Jacqueline Bissett
September 15 Agatha Christie, Prince Harry
September 16 Lee Kuan Yew, Lousi XIV 'Sun King', Lauren Bacall
September 18 Greta Garbo
September 19 Jeremy Irons, Carine Roitfeld
September 19 Twiggy
September 20 King Chulalonghorn, Sophia Loren, Maggie Cheung


  1. Dear alleycaat: Yes, I share the same birthday as linda gray, which i think is so appropriate!

  2. almost time to make a wish soon now..

  3. "HIS most difficult moments come at the end of each day, he said, as he sits by the bedside of his wife, Kwa Geok Choo, 89, who has been unable to move or speak for more than two years. She had been by his side, a confidante and counselor, since they were law students in London.

    “She understands when I talk to her, which I do every night,” he said. “She keeps awake for me; I tell her about my day’s work, read her favorite poems.” He opened a big spreadsheet to show his reading list, books by Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling and Lewis Carroll as well as the sonnets of Shakespeare." Lee Kuan Yew as he is approaching 87.


  4. Dear Rossie: How interesting. Thank you for sharing this moving glimpse of a great man.