23 November 2010

Jay Gatsby

In 1974, Robert Redford played Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. Mr Redford was beautifully, creamily dressed by Ralph Lauren.
Can Leonardo Dicaprio fill his shoes?


  1. One word: NO.

    Mr DiCarprio, fine thespian that he is, simply isn't blessed with the kind of luminous, almost demi-godlike masculine beauty that Mr Redford exuded in his prime. And 'Gatsby' is a role that very much requires a myth-like dimension.

  2. I find the Leo man a pain to watch and with his last flick Inception, I really just gave up after awhile, it was a yawn inducing performance if you asked me, really.

  3. Dear Anon: Indeed Mr DiCaprio doesn't have that Lord Jim quality - but I think it's probably a tall order for Hollywood to fill at this point in time. Dear FJ: I don't think you are responding to his performance so much as the rather needlessly convoluted, and ultimately rather empty movie.
    Which makes me sound like a Leo gfan, but there you go.

  4. I hope they don't go and change the Daisy character and make her much more sympathetic and benevolent - and thus betray the book in the process - the way they did for Mia.

  5. Dear Anon: Do you think Baz Luhrman is capable of that much subtlety and finesse? I think it's going to be all broad strokes. I hope I'm wrong of course. They had a good chance with Mia I think, to make her brittle and heartless but with ms mulligan, I'm thinking probably weepy? A bit hysterical? A touch of cute?