18 December 2010

Charles Devoe, Dead.

Reports surfaced over the weekend that male model Charles Devoe is dead. Mr Devoe was known for doing photo shoots with V Magazine, who broke the news. There's still not a lot known with regards to how Mr Devoe died.


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  2. dear DG

    you probably might have seen this already:


    so sad - died after a month-long coma caused by a surfing accident; age 28.

    so much promise, so prematurely cut short. R.I.P. Mr Devoe.

    ps: congrats on the guest-blogging gig. :)


  3. Dear CozyCot Team: I'm excited that you love my blog, and I'll email you shortly. I've been away for a bit and have not been online! Thanks for your kind comments.
    Dear EA: Yes, indeed it's always chilling when someone so seemingly alive and positively glowing with life force dies. Take it as encouragement to live one's life to the fullest at any given moment; at least mr devoe died doing what he loved - surfing.

  4. What a hunk! And what a promising career he had as a model! My blond, blue-eyed South African surfer JAMIE RICHIES survived a shark attack while surfing . . . 247 stitches to his ass. I proceeded to count those stitch scars one night but something came up and I never got to finish . . .

  5. Dear Greg May: LOL. I wonder if indeed his career as a model whould have truly taken off. He certainly was a hunk, but hunks are dime a dozen (I don't mean to be disrespectful, but there you go) - especially on the internet.