18 December 2010

Givenchy, Give?

Seriously, I'm not one of those rabid Givenchy fans, even though my favourite magazine's entire staff have thrown their weight behind the label's Ricardo Tisci. But I must say Givenchy has had a few moments this year, not least with their latest ads which feature the albino model Stephen Thompson (above, okay, he doesn't have a neck, I know, I know), and last season's transgender model Lea T. Is this casting call exploitative? I don't know, but it's sure influential.
Givenchy also gave us leopard preens for men: Tron: Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund makes a fairly convincing case for it in January 2011 W. Now, that's a neck.And Givenchy has given us Rob Evans. Mr Evans would be something to find under a tree, or in a stocking, tied with a grosgrain bow!


  1. dear DG

    i, too, am abt 98% behind Mr Tisci, the brilliant designer who has brought the world's attention - let us not forget - to hunky Filipino-Canadian model, Mr Paolo Roldan:


    ps: which is your 'favourite magazine'? French Vogue?


  2. Dear EA: I think the jury is still out on Mr Tisci being a brilliant, or even substantial, designer, but he has made his presence felt with the casting for his shows and ads. Ahhh... i didn't think it was ever in doubt that my fave mag, the only title i've consistently bought in the last 10 years was Vogue Paris. But now that carine roitfeld has quit, and i'm sure the brilliant emmanuelle alt will follow shortly, i'll have nothing to look forward to on the stands. it's just upsetting news for me!