30 December 2010

Ms Moss into Music

Kate is said to be venturing into the music world to record her own album. Of course, it’s not a world that’s all too foreign for her – many of her (dubious) boyfriends, including her current one (very dubious), Jamie Hince, have been rockers. And she’s dabbled in music before too, singing on stage with her unwashed ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty at a gig in 2009, and guesting on tracks for Primal Scream and The Lemonheads. Recently, she’s Bryan Ferry’s Roxy Girl, the face of his latest album, Olympia, and is rumored to sing a duet with him on his next album.
Friends dish that Kate’s album will be “a set of edgy urban songs,” according to the Daily Mail. Another source said that, “Kate’s fashion days are winding down and she’s no longer designing for Topshop, so her dream is to to record an urban album.”

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